TYNC Yacht Design became part of the Ultimate Boat Company

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The Ultimate Boat Company has acquired TYNC Yacht Design, a sustainable yacht and catamaran manufacturer.

The Ultimate Boat Company claims: ‘We are proud to announce the acquisition of TYNC Yacht Design. This brings TYNC’s in-depth experience in working with sustainable materials to our revolutionary powerboats. Combining the innovation of different disciplines, the new team is dedicated to exceeding today’s standards for sustainability, craftsmanship, and performance in boating – both power and sailing.’

TYNC CEO and founder, Jeroen Wats, will take on a position of the Technical Director. Jeroen is a renowned champion sailor, boat designer and a developer of high-performance motor and sailing yachts. He is known as a dedicated advocate of marine ecology, committed to protecting the environment and developing sustainable projects.

The company’s specialists are set to transform the traditional industry, applying the latest developments in the composite industry, and design modern yachts from eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

TYNC (The Young Naval Creators) was established with the main goal of designing and building yachts and catamarans having minimal wastes and emissions. Basalt fiber has become one part of the composite components being a completely recyclable material.

The planning involved reducing production times and logistics costs (because of light weight and ability to rationally fold the components for the transportation). Design studios in London and Valencia worked on the projects of light-weight boats with 80% recyclable composite materials.

British RS Electric Boats is also trying to reduce the footprint on the marine environment by using basalt fiber. It has presented its electric-driven boat during the Boot Dusseldorf 2020.


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